In the 50’s, a young sailor decided to anchor his boat and try his luck in the Las Coloradas salt mine. Responsible for the operation of the turbines producing electricity for the saltworks and the city, the nicknamed “Maestro Ux”, was very meticulous. He always had his office clocks synchronized for shift schedules. As soon as the light sparkled, he was prepared to intervene as quickly as possible because the heart of Las Coloradas depended on him.

His wife and five children came to spend all summer vacations with him. They loved going to the sea, fishing, walking along the pink lakes, stargazing and telling anecdotes with the Coloradans. The summers were full of magic as this place offered them endless things to do and it was where they spent the most time with their father.

When Maestro Ux leaves, his children, eternal lovers of this magical village, introduce Las Coloradas to their now descendants in order to let them know the story of Grandfather Ux and teach them respect and preservation of nature.

From now on, we, the grandchildren, wish to share this family love for Las Coloradas, to preserve its authenticity and to protect its wonderful nature which delights us from generation to generation.


Welcome to the family !